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Chapter 13 bankruptcy can be the right choice for homeowners facing possible foreclosure or people who do not meet the requirements for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. If you are considering bankruptcy, it is crucial that your bankruptcy lawyer has the understanding and skill to help you through the process. For years, people in Killeen, Temple and the surrounding areas have relied on Wm. Barry Phillips, P.C. Our law firm has two attorneys who together have nearly five decades of legal experience.

When you work with our law firm, you can count on personal attention from one of our lawyers from your free initial consultation to the conclusion of your case. From the start, one of our attorneys will talk with you, answer your questions and help you develop the best plan to deal with your debt problems.

How Does Chapter 13 Work?

If Chapter 13 bankruptcy is right for you, we will help you create a plan to repay some or all of your debts over three to five years. Secured debts, such as your mortgage or car loans or other items you want to keep, must be brought current or repaid in full in your reorganization plan. You will repay some if only a small portion of your unsecured debts, which include medical bills, payday loans, signature loans and credit cards. At the conclusion of your repayment plan, most of your remaining unsecured debts will be discharged. Under Chapter 13, you may be able to renegotiate the terms of your home loan, automobile loan or other secured loans. For this and other reasons, Chapter 13 is often an excellent choice for homeowners who want to stay in their homes and car owners who want to keep their cars.

As with other types of bankruptcy, such as Chapter 7, once you file, your creditors will immediately be legally stopped from contacting you or making any further attempts to collect on your debts without seeking court relief first. At Wm. Barry Phillips, P.C., our Killeen Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys understand the complex issues that can be involved in bankruptcy. With our experience, you can be certain we will do everything practical under the law to help you maximize the benefits of filing for bankruptcy.

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