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December 2016 Archives

Is It Necessary To Place Blame To File For Divorce?

Divorce is always an emotional matter. Not surprisingly, there tends to be a lot of finger-pointing. One spouse often wants to blame the other. However, under Texas law, it is not actually necessary to place blame to get a divorce. You can file for divorce on either fault or no-fault grounds. It is important to determine the appropriate grounds for divorce before moving forward with the process.

Is The Repo Man On Your Side?

Repossession agents, commonly known as repo men, are often painted as the bad guys. Their job is to sneak in and take back cars, boats and other assets on behalf of creditors. The reality, of course, is that these are just people who have a job to do. An article from the Washington Post shows that they are not always the bad guys, and in fact there are some who will go out of their way to do the right thing.

Is Your New Year's Resolution To Overcome Debt?

It's that time of year when people start looking at where they are in life and thinking about where they would like to be instead. Often, these thoughts involve money. Were you hoping that you would be financially stable at this point in your life? Were you hoping to be debt-free? Now is a great time to take steps toward that goal.