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Is A Fast Divorce Possible In Texas?

On Behalf of | Apr 27, 2017 | Blog

Not everyone wants to go through a lengthy courtroom battle in order to get divorced. Some people would rather not argue over every little detail. Some people just want to end their marriage as quickly as possible and move on with their lives.

Thankfully, a fast divorce is possible in Texas.


How Fast Can You Get Divorced? It Is Up To You.

Texas requires a 60 day waiting period from the time that the Original Petition for Divorce is filed and when the divorce can be finalized. While this means it is possible that a divorce could be finalized on the 61st day, the actual amount of time it takes will depend a great deal on how well you and your spouse are able to work together to reach agreements about property division, child custody and other matters.

If you are willing to reach agreements and make compromises if necessary, you may be able to have your divorce finalized in a matter of months.

An Experienced Attorney Can Increase Efficiency

There are other factors that can impact the divorce time frame, including your attorney’s ability to complete all the necessary work on time.

This is where it becomes beneficial to work with an attorney who is experienced in and focused on family law. You want someone on your side who is well-versed with the documentation that needs to be completed, and who can smoothly navigate all courtroom processes. You want someone who handles these matters on a daily basis and knows how to usher you out of your marriage with efficiency and care.

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