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Military Divorce

Killeen Military Child Support Attorneys, Divorce Lawyers

Finding the right divorce lawyer can be difficult. Finding one who understands military divorce is even more challenging.

Proudly Serving Those Who Serve Our Country

The divorce and family law attorneys of Wm. Barry Phillips, P.C., in Killeen, Texas, have represented members of the military in divorce for decades. We are experienced in all aspects of divorce, including military divorce. We provide representation in our local courts for clients who are located in Texas, elsewhere in the U.S. or deployed anywhere around the world. Our lawyers can help you with all aspects of divorce, including:

  • Military retirement benefits in divorce
  • Child support
  • Child custody
  • Spousal support (alimony)
  • Health benefits for children and ex-spouses after divorce
  • Division of property (assets and debts)
  • Post-divorce changes to court orders

Dealing With Divorce And Deployment

How do you work through divorce issues when one or both parties have been deployed to Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere? We do it all the time. We can work with you through fax or email. In some cases, we will arrange for you to be present for court hearings via a phone or computer conferencing system. In addition to representing service members, we represent civilians who work at military bases around the world.

Military Divorce And Child Support

Our lawyers can answer all of your questions about military divorce. One of the most common misconceptions service members have concerns how child support is calculated. It is not derived from base pay alone. The child support calculation takes all monthly resources into account. That includes the housing resources provided to you by the military.

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